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Public Member Functions

 NavigationStrategy (string portName, double countsPerMeter)
void resetNavigationController ()
void writeToNavigationController (NavigationCommand command)
void parsSerialData (string buffer)
void setSteeringSetpoint (int steering)
void setThrottleSetpoint (int throttle)
void setEncoderCounts (int counts)
void clearEncoderCounts ()
void setRunMode (int mode)
void setDeadMan (int flag)


NavigationData Data [get]


updateStatusEventHandler updateResetEvent

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.NavigationStrategy ( string  portName,
double  countsPerMeter 

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Member Function Documentation

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.clearEncoderCounts (  ) 

Definition at line 164 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.parsSerialData ( string  buffer  ) 

Definition at line 70 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.resetNavigationController (  ) 

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void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.setDeadMan ( int  flag  ) 

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void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.setEncoderCounts ( int  counts  ) 

Definition at line 160 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.setRunMode ( int  mode  ) 

Definition at line 168 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.setSteeringSetpoint ( int  steering  ) 

Definition at line 148 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.setThrottleSetpoint ( int  throttle  ) 

Definition at line 155 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

void NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.writeToNavigationController ( NavigationCommand  command  ) 

Definition at line 56 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

Property Documentation

NavigationData NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.Data [get]

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Event Documentation

updateStatusEventHandler NavigationController.NavigationStrategy.updateResetEvent

Definition at line 11 of file NavigationStrategy.cs.

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