PlatformController.PlatformData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 PlatformData (double magDec)
double getRealCompassHeading (double heading)
void setStatus (string status)
void setBuffer (string buffer)

Public Attributes



int CompassHeading [get, set]
double CompassHeadingDouble [get]
int SystemBatteryRaw [get, set]
int MicroBatteryRaw [get, set]
double SystemBatteryVolts [get]
double MicroBatteryVolts [get]
int InfraredLeftRaw [get, set]
int InfraredRightRaw [get, set]
double InfraredLeftCm [get]
double InfraredRightCm [get]
int SonarRangefinderLeft [get, set]
int SonarRangefinderCenter [get, set]
int SonarRangefinderRight [get, set]
double SonarRangefinderLeftCm [get]
double SonarRangefinderCenterCm [get]
double SonarRangefinderRightCm [get]
bool BumperLeft [get, set]
bool BumperRight [get, set]
bool ResetSwitch [get, set]
bool RadioControlModeSwitch [get, set]
bool RedLedValue [get, set]
bool GreenLedValue [get, set]
int SteeringCalculatedValue [get, set]
int ThrottleCalculatedValue [get, set]
bool AutoAvoiding [get, set]
string Status [get]
string PlatformBuffer [get]

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PlatformController.PlatformData.PlatformData ( double  magDec  ) 

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Member Function Documentation

double PlatformController.PlatformData.getRealCompassHeading ( double  heading  ) 

Definition at line 33 of file PlatformData.cs.

void PlatformController.PlatformData.setBuffer ( string  buffer  ) 

Definition at line 271 of file PlatformData.cs.

void PlatformController.PlatformData.setStatus ( string  status  ) 

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Member Data Documentation

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Property Documentation

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.AutoAvoiding [get, set]

Definition at line 257 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.BumperLeft [get, set]

Definition at line 193 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.BumperRight [get, set]

Definition at line 200 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.CompassHeading [get, set]

Definition at line 20 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.CompassHeadingDouble [get]

Definition at line 29 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.GreenLedValue [get, set]

Definition at line 233 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.InfraredLeftCm [get]

Definition at line 120 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.InfraredLeftRaw [get, set]

Definition at line 96 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.InfraredRightCm [get]

Definition at line 125 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.InfraredRightRaw [get, set]

Definition at line 105 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.MicroBatteryRaw [get, set]

Definition at line 57 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.MicroBatteryVolts [get]

Definition at line 75 of file PlatformData.cs.

string PlatformController.PlatformData.PlatformBuffer [get]

Definition at line 274 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.RadioControlModeSwitch [get, set]

Definition at line 217 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.RedLedValue [get, set]

Definition at line 227 of file PlatformData.cs.

bool PlatformController.PlatformData.ResetSwitch [get, set]

Definition at line 210 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderCenter [get, set]

Definition at line 152 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderCenterCm [get]

Definition at line 179 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderLeft [get, set]

Definition at line 143 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderLeftCm [get]

Definition at line 174 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderRight [get, set]

Definition at line 161 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.SonarRangefinderRightCm [get]

Definition at line 184 of file PlatformData.cs.

string PlatformController.PlatformData.Status [get]

Definition at line 266 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.SteeringCalculatedValue [get, set]

Definition at line 243 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.SystemBatteryRaw [get, set]

Definition at line 48 of file PlatformData.cs.

double PlatformController.PlatformData.SystemBatteryVolts [get]

Definition at line 70 of file PlatformData.cs.

int PlatformController.PlatformData.ThrottleCalculatedValue [get, set]

Definition at line 249 of file PlatformData.cs.

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